Our Signature FRESH Method Makes Online Learning Simple and Intuitive

Florida Real Estate School crafted and maintains our premium coursework because we believe that education is an investment made by both the student and the school. With that in mind, our FRESH method was developed to provide our students with a flexible, comprehensive and intuitive learning experience. One which feels like a classroom because an instructor is teaching you, but self-paced with the ability to repeat material as many times as necessary. We wanted to deliver the best of both worlds - the instruction of a classroom with online on-demand flexibility. When we realized a fully virtual instructor led educational model was possible, FRESH was born.

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    FLEXIBILITY(flip me)
    Classroom courses require you to clear your schedule and commute to sit in a classroom packed with strangers. Our self-paced online program was built to fit your needs. Why wait for the next session to begin when you can get going within minutes. Start and stop as you please, repeat lessons as often as you would like. Take our on-demand courses with you and learn wherever, whenever.
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    What good is learning if it isn't retained all the way to the finish line? One of the secrets to our 90%+ course exam pass rate is reinforcement. Our chapter quizzes require you to master our lessons one at a time. Supplemental textbooks, e-books, digital flashcards, mp3 files, practice tests, and review courses help reinforce any weaknesses. Combine the strength of our reinforcement tools with our best-in-class coursework and you will be well prepared for success.
  • E
    Our immersive instructor taught online approach offers both audio and visual elements to create a comprehensive learning experience. The combination of the audio and visual inputs increases engagement by simulating a presentation atmosphere, where our students feel like they are in a classroom with their own private instructor.
  • S
    Our courses were designed for our students to be able to study on their own schedule, not on their own. We are there to support you, no matter what time it is. Florida Real Estate School students enjoy instructor and technical support 24/7. Pick up the phone and we will do what it takes to get you back on track.
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    Florida Real Estate School first opened its virtual doors to students in 2004 and has been focused exclusively on Florida the entire time. Through our experience we have developed a depth of real estate knowledge that is second to none. We have learned a thing or two about how to impart that wisdom along the way, check out what some of our students have to say.