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If you type a few words into a search bar, you’ll be bombarded with inconsistent information about how to earn your license and start practicing real estate in the sunshine state. Everywhere you look you get a different answer. We know it’s overwhelming, but you’re in good hands with Florida Real Estate School. Our team is here to make sure you take the right steps at the right times and don’t waste a single second during the process.

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Getting Started

Many people use the terms Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker almost interchangeably, but they are not one and the same. We're here to make sure you get on the right path to practicing real estate and keep you on the fast lane to success.

Florida real estate licenses are regulated by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). If you have never been licensed in the real estate industry before, the first step towards your career in the field is becoming licensed as a Sales Associate. This is the legal term for what is more commonly referred to as a "Real Estate Agent." Sales Associates can:

  • Operate throughout all of Florida
  • Buy and sell properties
  • Earn commissions / referral fees

There is one thing a Sales Associate cannot do: open their own office and hire other real estate professionals. That privilege is reserved for “Real Estate Brokers.”

Let's get to it with the basic steps for getting your real estate Sales Associate license in Florida. You can download the Sales Associate Candidate Handbook below as a companion for the process.

Download Handbook

How to Get Your Real Estate License in Florida in 4 Steps

Education: "63 Hour" Sales Associate FREC I Course

Our FREC I course will teach you everything you need to know as a real estate professional and satisfies the state of Florida's educational requirement. Once you enroll you can get started within minutes. Our on-demand online course is self-paced - it is designed to meet your needs and fit your schedule. Once you have passed you will receive a Course Completion Certificate.


The next step is to submit your fingerprints to the state of Florida for a background check. We provide below all the information you need (including a list of fingerprint vendors) to get this done quickly and efficiently. Don't worry out-of-staters, you can accomplish this process without coming to Florida.

Submit Your Application

Wait at least 5 days after submitting your fingerprints before completing your online Florida Real Estate Application through the state's website. Just click "Apply for a License" then select "Real Estate Sales Associates." It normally takes about 30 days to get approved. Your approval notice will include the candidate ID (FLREAPP ID) that you'll need in order to schedule your state exam.

Your State Exam

Once you have your Course Completion Certificate and your candidate ID, you put all that hard work to the test and take your state exam. You must pass the state exam with a 75% or higher. With the help of our team here at Florida Real Estate School, you'll be ready. This exam can be taken at a testing center near you or online if that's your preference.

Why We Don't Use “Realtor”

You don't see the word "Realtor" here, because a Realtor is a real estate professional who has joined the National Association of Realtors - the country's largest trade group for the industry. Becoming one is a decision you can make once you begin to practice real estate - the realtor designation is completely independent of the Florida Real Estate Commission.

While many real estate professionals choose to become Realtors, deciding to earn this designation is a personal choice, not a must.

Is a career in Real Estate right for you?

Florida Real Estate School can provide you with all the necessary resources to get started and maintain your career in Florida Real Estate. If you are ready and meet the requirements below, let's talk today!

  • Be 18 Years of age or older with a valid Social Security Number
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent.