Offering fully accredited Florida real estate courses online since 2004

A flexible, comprehensive learning experience for anyone looking to build a thriving career in Florida real estate.

Florida Real Estate School (“FRESH) was started because we believed students should have the opportunity to take real estate classes online instead of in person. We knew if they had the freedom and flexibility to learn in their own environment at their own pace, aspiring real estate professionals had the potential to surpass the exam pass rates of students confined to taking classes in person.

You don’t have to spend your days sitting in a classroom to earn or keep your real estate license.

Back in the day, you had to:

  • Commute back and forth to class
  • Rearrange your entire schedule
  • Sit through hours of lectures with minimal breaks
  • Keep up with the pace of the class
  • Retain all of the information the first time it was presented

Getting licensed to practice real estate is challenging enough.
When we realized a fully virtual education model could make the process easier, FRESH was born.

Now you can fit your real estate education into your busy life.

You can access our courses anywhere, anytime from a computer or mobile device so you can learn at your own pace.

All FRESH courses will meet the license pre-qualification and CE requirements for real estate professionals for Florida. But beyond that, we aim to provide our students with much more than just a course to purchase. Our 24/7 instructor support, audio visual elements, full narration, and practice tests ensure you are prepared to pass your exam and build a successful real estate career.

We’ve been doing virtual school since before it was cool…

Our business has been digital since websites looked like this.

Online education may be mainstream today, but 2004 was a time before Facebook & Twitter. It was a time when driving to Blockbuster was how you rented your movies and driving to a classroom was how you went to school.

Not only do our instructors specialize exclusively in Florida real estate, but our experience also has taught us exactly how to deliver virtual schooling in a way that will help you master the materials and feel confident in passing your exam, earning your credits, and actually practicing real estate.

Florida Real Estate School keeps online learning FRESH

Our signature FRESH methodology has been created through our years of experience to provide our students with a comprehensive and intuitive learning experience.


When you join our other successful students, you can build a sustainable, profitable career with unlimited flexibility and opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you in class!